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KoaLuv "Adopt" A Koala
KoaLuv "Adopt" A Koala
KoaLuv "Adopt" A Koala
KoaLuv "Adopt" A Koala

KoaLuv "Adopt" A Koala

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    The destruction of Australia and biodiversity is hard to fathom

    • 1/3rd of the Koala’s population was lost in the 2019 fires.
    • Over one billion animals have sadly lost their lives
    • 17.9 Million acres of luscious forest and habitat has been destroyed.

    Australia's size compared to the U.S. 


    Give the gift of impact by "adopting" a Koala, knowing that the proceeds of your purchase go towards helping rehabilitate Australia's Koala's affected by the devastation.



    KoaLuv strives to help the countless injured animals and to bring back their habitat by planting trees where they have been destroyed. It can take 40+ years for trees to reach their full maturity and their natural habitat to fully grow back. Our goal is to plant a lot of trees in little time while helping rehabilitate the surviving animals.

    Donations will be sent to Wires.org.au, One of Australias largest wildlife rescue organizations.




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